Diving Around The Laamu Atoll

The Laamu Atoll is unique in many ways. The shape of the Atoll itself has led to the formation of many beautiful reefs, while the remoteness of Laamu has also helped to ensure that these reefs have remained unspoilt and in excellent condition.

Laamu is also home to a legendary Maldives’ Manta Point, which is just 10 minutes away from the Resort. Amazing Manta encounters are experienced almost all year round as these majestic creatures arrive to be cleaned.

The outer reefs that encircle the Atoll provide never ending drop offs that disappear into the abyss.

For the more experienced and advanced divers, Laamu Atoll boasts some excellent channel dives that offer the chance to see larger species of fish and sharks.

Six Senses Laamu is still the only Resort in the Atoll, which results in very few divers in this region.