Safety while diving

Here at Ocean Dimensions, we take the safety of all of our guests to be of paramount importance.  We are proud of the high standards of safety that we have deployed across all of our operations:


Standard safety procedures for divers

  • Experienced PADI professionals guide the dives and choose the dive sites according to weather & current conditions, as well as the experience level of the divers on the boat;
  • Maximum of 6 divers per dive guide;
  • The diving depth in the Maldives is limited to 30 meters and the time to 60 minutes;
  • Every dive is a non-decompression dive, with a mandatory safety stop of 3 minutes at 5 meters;
  • We offer Nitrox diving without surcharge;
  • We use dive rosters to note your Nitrox mix at the beginning of the dive and to note your depth and time at the end of the dive;
  • Dive computers are compulsory for every diver;
  • An Orientation dive is required for every diver who has not dived for the past 3 months.


Dive guide / boat safety features

  • Oxygen is available on the dive boat and in the dive centre;
  • First Aid Kits are on all dive boats and in the dive centre;
  • Mobile phones are on each dive boat and in the dive centre;
  • Surface marker buoys are available free of charge for private BCD’s.


Medical treatment and insurance

  • Short-term DAN insurance is available upon request;
  • The nearest hospital to Kihaa Maldives and Dhigufaru Island Resort is located on the local island of Eydhafushi Island, a 15-30 minute speed boat ride; the nearest hospital to Brennia Maldives is located on the local island of Ungoofaaru , a 20 minute speed boat ride;
  • There are 2 hyperbaric chambers in the region, the closest being at Kuredu Island Resort, which is reachable in 40 minutes by speedboat. Bandos Island Resort, in the North Male Atoll, is a 1 hour 30 minutes plane transfer away from Kihaa Maldives and Dhigufaru Island Resort, 2 hours 30 minutes from Brennia Maldives.


Diving with Nitrox helps to reduce the amount of Nitrogen that your body absorbs while diving, helping to minimise the risk of decompression sickness.
Nitrox is perfect for the shallow reefs of the Maldives – it’s not something technical and not for deep dives.