Daria Semeninakina – Dasha

Position: Dive Instructor

From: Russia

Languages: Russian, English

Interests: Figure skating (ex-pro), travelling and diving

Experience: After my first dive, I just fell in love with the ocean and my life changed forever.
Before becoming a professional instructor, I travelled around the world, diving in different seas, oceans, lakes, rivers and caves. I am passionate about ice, technical and cave diving. My biggest ocean dream is to see the orca under the water. It was the reason for my cold water diving experience.
My career as an instructor began in the Dominican Republic in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. But my heart belongs to the Maldives, so I come back here again and again. If you ask me what makes me happy, I will say – my job! I enjoy being able to see the happy eyes of my students after the diving. And maybe I can change someone’s life, just as mine has been changed.

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