Nika Korolyova

Nika Korolyova

Position: Dive Instructor

From: Ukraine & United States

Languages: Russian, English, Spanish

Experience: Nika’s passion for the underwater realm began in 2014 when she earned her Open Water certification, diving in Michigan, USA.

In 2018 she achieved her divemaster certification in Honduras. As a divemaster she got to work in coral restoration and guiding certified divers in Honduras and St. Eustatius. After completing her engineering degree, Nika decided to dedicate herself to her underwater passion. She became a dive instructor and gained additional expertise through Master Scuba Diver training as well as technical diving experiences in Mexico.

Now, Nika is in the Maldives, sharing her love for the ocean. Join her and experience the thrill and beauty of the underwater world firsthand.

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