Get ready to admire the marine life

The Ocean Dimensions team are available to help you experience the most of what the Baa & Raa Atoll and the Maldives have to offer. With a varied program to reflect the prevailing conditions, the following excursions and activities are available to help you make the most of your snorkelling adventures in the Maldives:

Guided House Reef Tour

Join our guided snorkel tour of the house reef around Dhigufaru and discover more about the local residents that call the reef surrounding this island their home. Find out fun facts about the fish life, and experience it in its full glory.

1/2 day Snorkelling Boat Excursion

Venture out to snorkel sites within close proximity to Dhiufaru and discover more of what has made the Baa Atoll a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Snorkel sites will be selected based on the prevailing conditions and experience levels of the snorkellers.

Hanifaru Bay Snorkelling

A famous site in the Maldives due to protected status as a manta ray and whaleshark feeding area. Two of the ocean’s largest creatures come to Hanifaru to feed on microscopic plankton that accumulates there. A truly magical experience that will form everlasting memories.
More about Hanifaru

Private Snorkelling Safari’s

If you fancy a custom, tailor-made snorkelling experience, then we are able to help plan and arrange an itinerary for you that will ensure you have the maximum enjoyment and sightings from your time.

Full Day Snorkelling Boat Trip

Travel further afield with us on this full day adventure. Up to 3 separate snorkelling sites will be visited during the experience, and lunch is served on the boat. Explore the different reef systems that make the Raa & Baa Atoll such rich sources of biodiversity.

Turtle Snorkelling

Tick swimming with turtles off your bucket list and join us at Gemana Fushi in Raa Atoll, a popular snorkelling spot, with almost guaranteed turtle sightings!
Snorkel with us in our crystal clear waters that make seeing these magnificent, graceful, ancient creatures an experience you will never ever forget.

Manta Snorkelling at Maamunagau Lagoon

Experience the magic of meeting these gentle underwater giants at this beautiful Lagoon in Raa Atol.
Known to be one of the most perfect locations to swim and snorkel with manta rays.
A must do experience for everyone who visits our beautiful country.

Night Snorkelling

For those seeking the ultimate thrill in snorkelling, night snorkelling presents the reef in a whole new light and offers the chance to see the nocturnal creatures that are normally hidden during the day.
We offer night snorkelling excursions both on Dhigufaru’s house reef and also as a boat excursion to a nearby reef.

Manta Rays

The Maldives is one of of the best places in the world to snorkel with the harmless Manta Ray.


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