Hanifaru Bay

Hanifaru Bay has become renowned as one of the world’s most incredible areas for experiencing manta rays and whalesharks in their own natural environment. Each year, numerous individuals visit Hanifaru in one of nature’s spectacles.

Kihaa Maldives is the closest resort to Hanifaru, allowing the bay to be reached in just a few short minutes boat ride.

Manta rays & whalesharks

During the South West Monsoon season, Hanifaru accumulates microscopic plankton that is brought to the area by the wind and currents. Manta rays and whalesharks, two of the ocean’s largest inhabitants feed on plankton, spending large amounts of time at the surface, making them ideal subjects to experience while snorkelling.

The Maldives is one of the top destinations in the world for experiencing manta rays and has a resident population, that spend quite a few months each year in the Baa Atoll, Hanifaru Bay and the waters around the Atoll.