The House Reef at Kihaa

The Ocean Dimensions team are proud of the House Reef that lies just at the end of the jetty. Teeming with fish life, and a great reef, home to an abundance of macro life, the House Reef is one of those dive sites that can and should be dived more than once!

Orientation Dive

If you have not dived for the past three months we invite you to join our Orientation Dive which can be either on the house reef or by boat.

It’s a gentle way to get back into the water and allows us to make sure that you get off to the best of starts on this diving holiday. After a couple of skills to refresh, the Orientation Dive concludes with a tour of the reef.

Grab your buddy!

The House Reef is open for certified divers to dive throughout the day. The Ocean Dimensions team of instructors are on hand to offer some additional tips as to their highlights of the reef to help ensure that you get the most out of your dive.

Night Dives

Following Kihaa’s spectacular sunsets, the reef comes alive with a host of different fish species and changes in the behavior of the regular inhabitants.

The House Reef night dive is the perfect introduction to night diving.