Diving Around The Baa Atoll

The Baa Atoll was designated as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve in 2011, due to its incredible diversity of coral and fish life. The location of Kihaa Maldives, where Ocean Dimensions is based, is right on the door step of 2 protected areas – Hanifaru Bay and the Angafaru region. Indeed, Kihaa is the closest resort in the Atoll to these incredible areas of the Atoll.

Diving in the Atoll offers the chances for incredible encounters with mega-fauna such as whalesharks and manta rays (during the correct season) and with a plethora of other creatures including reef sharks and turtles and countless other Indian Ocean inhabitants.

Hanifaru Bay

Protected since 2009, Hanifaru Bay has become a much talked about location among the diving and snorkelling community. During the South West Monsoon, conditions in Hanifaru favour the mass feeding of manta rays and whalesharks. Indeed, courting rituals have also been observed in the Bay.

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Angafaru Region

Also protected since 2009, the dive sites in this area are renowned for their biodiversity. With the currents of the South West Monsoon, Angafaru Region is also a great place to see the mega-fauna aggregating here – ie manta rays and whalesharks.