Wan-Ju Hsueh – Bonnie

Position: Dive Instructor

From: Taiwan

Languages: Mandarin and English

Interests: Travelling, yoga, freediving

Experience: I love travelling that’s why I want to have a job were I have the chance to see different parts of the world.

Before becoming a dive instructor, I was working as a yoga instructor here in the Maldives. During that period, I spent all my free time going diving. I specially remember that one time, when I was on a drift dive that I felt like I was flying in space. All the things I saw passing by in front of me, it was just like a movie was playing. That’s when I decided to become a scuba diving instructor to share my passion either guiding experienced divers or someone who has never dived before. I have been diving in Taiwan, Bali, Thailand, Philippines… and more to come.

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