Water Sports

For all water sports enthusiasts – Maldives waters are at a pleasant 29 degrees all year around! If that does not inspire you to jump in the water right away than check out the different water sports activities we have waiting here for you at Ocean Dimensions professional VDWS licensed water sports center.

Flyboarding / Jetski / Waterski / Wakeboard / Windsurfing / Catamaran Sailing / SUP / Canoe / Blast Rides


Not many Islands in the Maldives offer this thrilling new activity. You will be wearing some kind of jet-boots connected to a jetski which will provide you with the water pressure to fly up to 10m in the air. Some riders can perform amazing tricks by movement, grip and balance.
It will take you about 10 – 25 minutes to learn the basics.


A jetski ride is like a motorbike ride in the water. Control your own speed, cruise around a few Islands, jump over a few waves or together with your partner visit a nearby sand bank.

Catamaran Sailing

Experience the thrill of sailing on our TOPCAT K1 catamaran. Choose to take lessons and learn the art of sailing or sit back and relax while our expert Captain navigates the stunning Lagoons and Islands for you. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned sailor, this adventure promises unforgettable moments on the turquoise waters.


Getting up and out of the water is the tricky part. Initially you might need a few tries. Once you are up, you will have a lot of fun being pulled behind the boat skimming over the water surface. You can also try monoski.


The tricky part is the start but once you are up, you can ride over the wake and maybe even try some little jumps and turns.


Our licensed VDWS instructor will teach you how to keep your balance on the board, pick up your sail and catch the wind to windsurf in the perfect conditions of the Dhigufaru Lagoon. You can choose from introduction lessons up to a course including an international license.


SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a cross between canoeing and surfing. After just a few minutes for finding your balance, you will be able to stand on the board and paddle around the Island in the calm water of the Lagoon.


We have double and single canoes. You can take the whole family or go by yourself. Go fast and race each other or go slow and while away your time in the sun.

Blast Rides

You have the choice of 2 inflatable tubes either the sofa or the banana blast ride. Come to the beach, climb onto your preferred ride and hold on tight. We will pull you across the water. We can go slow or fast, zig zag across the waves or go straight, make you sure you fall off or stay on – you decide.